TJ Kearney of Gould died on December 29th.

TJ Kearney was a sharecropper and raised 19 children. 18 graduated from college and rose to prominence in many professions. Mr. Kearney was 107 years old.

President Clinton sent a letter to the family.

“Hillary are I are saddened by the passing of TJ Kearney, but grateful that he had a good, long life and that we were able to share part of it through our friendships with several of his remarkable children,” Clinton wrote. “I was always fascinated to hear how he and Ethel managed to feed, clothe, and shelter their kids, and even more, how they were able to find the right mix of love and discipline to allow them all to become their own persons, different in fascinating ways yet bound together as a family.”


T J Kearney

TJ Kearney at Rankin Chapel Church

T J Kearney

TJ Kearney with his son Jack

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